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Description: Curious George is learning fractions of math, while playing online Learning Fractions Ice Cream Shop Math Game at curiousgeorgegames.org for free! Use mouse. INSTRUCTIONS : FIRST: select one of fractions(amount) on the rigt of screen SECOND: select kind of ice cream on the left of screen THIRD: click cone REPEAT for other fractions and FINALLY: click send, if you are right, you will earn money; as real life if you works, you will earn! IN OTHER WORDS ; Step 1) Read the order. For ex.: “I’ll have an ice cream with the following. 7/3 vanilla, xxx/xx chocolate and xxx/xx strawberry. Convert 7/3 to 2 1/3.” Step 2) Select 1 scoop and then vanilla. Apply to cone. Apply one more vanilla scoop to the cone, making two total scoops. Then, select 1/3 (still on vanilla) and apply to cone. Repeat with the other flavors specified in the order. Step 3) Click on “send”. If you are correct, you will make a sale. Incorrect cones will cost you! Have fun by meantal training!

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